Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen on the LULUCF: the Parliament looks ahead, not in the rear mirror

Ministry of the Environment 13.9.2017 13.57 | Published in English on 13.9.2017 at 16.10
Press release

Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment Tiilikainen is happy with today’s vote at the European Parliament concerning the climate impacts of the forest sector in the EU’s climate package.

“The Parliament looks ahead, not in the rear mirror”, the minister said right after the vote.

According to the vote, none of the Member States would link the scale of forestry and forest industry only to the historical perspective in the calculations.

“The calculation rules advocated by the Parliament support the growing utilisation of forests, as long as this takes place within the limits of their sustainable use. This opinion is strongly in line with the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which encourages increasing the forest area and managing forests in a sustainable manner. Well-managed forest will have an important role in the work to combat climate change, also in the future”, Tiilikainen says.

He points out that the vote at the Parliament proves that the voice of wooded countries is also been heard in Europe.

“Many Finnish MEPs deserve to be recognised for the job well done.”

“In Finland forests can be used more than now in a way that is still sustainable. The framework conditions are clear: forests as a whole must continue to serve as carbon sinks, and Finland must set a target concerning carbon neutrality. This is how we will act in all circumstances”, the minister says.

Minister Tiilikainen hopes that the EU will find a solution that also encourages reforestation in less-wooded countries and, thus, increasing the carbon sinks.

“The next step is the Council of Environment Ministers, where the Estonian Presidency hopes to propose a compromise in October. Broad support from the Member States would be needed to support this. Several aspects of the Commission proposal are still highly problematic.”


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