"Soldiers without insignia" to be included in the Territorial Surveillance Act

Ministry of Defence 10.7.2017 15.05 | Published in English on 10.7.2017 at 15.10
Press release

On 10 July 2017, the President of the Republic approved amendments to the legislation concerning the Territorial Surveillance Act and the Criminal Code. The amended acts will enter into force on 15 July 2017.

The powers of the territorial surveillance authorities were reinforced so that they would better cover situations where Finland's territorial integrity is violated by a military group without insignia. The purpose of the new legislation is to bring the legislation related to the security and control of Finland's territorial integrity more comprehensively in line with the changed security situation and new kinds of threats. The amendments will contribute, for their part, to the implementation of the foreign and security policy principles of the Government Programme.

In these acts, "soldiers without insignia" refer to a group similar to a military detachment working on behalf of, for or with the consent of a foreign state, which is militarily organised, equipped or armed and the state origin of which cannot be identified. According to the provisions of the act, entry into and residence in the country by such groups is absolutely prohibited and violation of this provision is punishable under the Criminal Code of Finland.

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