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Prime Minister Stubb spoke with Ukrainian President Poroshenko

Prime Minister Alexander Stubb and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spoke on the phone on Tuesday 22 July. The phone call initiated by Prime Minister Stubb focused on the current situation in Ukraine. Stubb and Poroshenko concluded that the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger plane on Thursday 17 July marked a turning point in the Ukrainian crisis.


"It is imperative to seek for a negotiated solution to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. President Poroshenko and I agreed on that Russia must bear its responsibility to promote a rapid de-escalation of the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Finland will continue to influence efforts to advance the resolution of the crisis both on the EU level and through bilateral discussions", Prime Minister Stubb said.

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Minister Toivakka to General Affairs Council

On Wednesday 23 July, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka will attend the General Affairs Council in Brussels. The meeting agenda will include the Italian Presidency Work Programme, a discussion on ways to improve the efficiency of the implementation of European Council conclusions, the mid-term review of the Europe 2020 Strategy, and the accession of Lithuania to the Economic and Monetary Union on 1 January 2015.

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Cabinet Committee on European Union Affairs

The Cabinet Committee on European Union Affairs meets every week, usually on Fridays, to discuss politically, economically and legally important EU matters. A list of the items on the Cabinet Committee's agenda is made public in the afternoon of the day before the meeting.


Items on the Cabinet Committee's agenda (in Finnish)


Government Report on EU Policy

On 13 June, the Government adopted a report on EU policy which sets out the Government's EU policy objectives and provides the Government's response to questions about the EU's future. Finland is committed to the single currency, strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union and supporting closer integration.


Government Report on EU Policy