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Sirpa Paatero thanks companies for their strive for more sustainable production methods

The minister responsible for state ownership steering is worried about the negative effects of the reform of the EU waste directive.


Sirpa Paatero, the minister responsible for state ownership steering, thanks Finnish businesses for their efforts to introduce more sustainable production methods. According to Paatero, investments in sustainable practices in all stages of business and production chains should be seen as investments to bolster competitiveness.


"The Finnish businesses are taking determined steps towards the introduction of ecologically more sustainable production methods and energy sources. This is something we should be proud of," says Minister Paatero.

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Trade ministers to discuss the future guidelines for EU trade policy in Brussels

Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Lenita Toivakka will participate in the European Union Foreign Affairs Council meeting on Friday, 21 November.


At their meeting the trade ministers will discuss updating the EU’s trade defence instruments and the reciprocity of public procurement. The ministers will adopt conclusions on the future guidelines of the EU’s trade policy and on the transatlantic trade and investment partnership between the EU and the United States.

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Cabinet Committee on European Union Affairs

The Cabinet Committee on European Union Affairs meets every week, usually on Fridays, to discuss politically, economically and legally important EU matters. A list of the items on the Cabinet Committee's agenda is made public in the afternoon of the day before the meeting.


Items on the Cabinet Committee's agenda (in Finnish)


Government Report on EU Policy

On 13 June, the Government adopted a report on EU policy which sets out the Government's EU policy objectives and provides the Government's response to questions about the EU's future. Finland is committed to the single currency, strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union and supporting closer integration.


Government Report on EU Policy