Research and Innovation Council

Research and Innovation Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, advises the Government and its Ministries in important matters relating to the direction, follow-up, evaluation and co-ordination of research, technology and innovation policy. The Council also puts forward relevant plans and proposals.


The Research and Innovation Council is continuing the work of the Science and Technology Policy Council of Finland, which operated 1978–2008.



The Council’s remit involves assisting the Government and its ministries. To that end, the Council:


  • follows national and international developments in research, technology and innovation;
  • reviews the field and developments within it;
  • addresses major issues relating to developments in science, technology and innovation policy and the human resources they entail, presenting the related proposals and plans to the Government;
  • attends to preparatory work on matters relating to the development and allocation of public research and innovation funding for the Government;
  • co-ordinates Government activities in the field of science, technology and innovation policy; and
  • undertakes any other duties assigned to it by the Government.


Term of Office

The Research and Innovation Council currently in office was appointed on 22 September 2011 for the duration of the parliamentary term.


Council Secretariat

Administrative Assistant

Ms Suvi Borsos

Ministry of Education and Culture

Tel. +358 2953 30077


Science and Education Section

Mr Tuomas Parkkari, Chief Planning Officer

Ministry of Education and Culture

Tel. +358 2953 30244


Technology and Innovation Section

Mr Kai Husso, Chief Planning Officer

Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Tel. +358 2950 63683