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The Government web services include the Government website at government.fi with its media service at media.government.fi, accessible after registration. These websites are run by the Government Communications Department at the Prime Minister’s Office and published in Finnish, Swedish and English. The fullest information is provided in Finnish.




The latest news from the Government is available on the home page.  The Government Twitter channel provides press releases and speeches published by the Government and ministries, and information on topical Government events. Pictures of the Government and the Prime Minister are available on Flickr. An electronic government phonebook is also accessible via the home page.


Current issues on the Government website include press releases issued by the Government and ministries, information on Government decisions and speeches by the Prime Minister and other ministers. E-mail press releases can be subscribed to by subject area. In addition, the section for current issues includes an events calendar. The image bank contains print quality photographs of Government premises and ministers of the Government in office.


The section on the Government in office provides access, for example, to ministers' CVs, contact details and information on their special advisers. It also contains information on the division of responsibilities between the ministers, their substitutes and memberships in cabinet committees and councils. The section entitled Government activities is a portal to topical material on the work it does including its weekly programme and information on decisions and reports, together with communications, statements by the Prime Minister and answers to parliamentary interpellations.


The website provides general information about the Government and its history including all Government programmes since Finland’s declaration of independence in 1917. The ‘Governments and ministers since 1917’ service provides information on successive Governments and ministers.


The Ministries section provides access to the various ministries’ own web pages and a guide to their responsibilities.


There is separate section for European Union affairs. All press releases, speeches and other topical materials concerning EU affairs are available here. The pages also contain information on how EU affairs are handled in Finland and a frequently visited sub-section for finding out about job opportunities in the EU.


The Directory offers an alphabetical index and links to help find information. It also offers access to certain archived subjects, such as information on the most recent Governments.


Each page provides a link to a search function, directories, Finnish and Swedish pages, feedback, contact information, a sitemap and general information about the website (About the site).






Each page on the Government website has a search box to help you find the information you are looking for. The same box is also available on the Swedish and English pages. A sitemap and an alphabetical index also facilitate the search for information.




Internal links will open in the same browser window. Links to external websites and PDF documents will open in a new browser window.


A print button is available at the bottom of the website pages. It will open the page in a new window allowing you to print out a text version of the page.


RSS feeds and sharing information via social media channels


The Government website makes ministries’ press releases and speeches available as an RSS feeds.


Further information on RSS feeds


Current Government material can be distributed on social media sites with a sharing tool.




Please use the feedback form if there are any comments you would like to send to the Prime Minister’s Office or the other Ministries. All feedback will be processed during office hours and answered within two weeks of receipt when provided with contact details (e-mail address or name and address). Contact will primarily be by e-mail. All official correspondence must be sent to the Government Registry: registry(at)vnk.fi


Technical data


The website is based on XHTML and best viewed with the latest browser versions. The website can be viewed with earlier browser versions and text-based browsers as well, but then the pages may look different and you might not be able to make full use of all the service features available.


The site also contains PDF files, and audio and video recordings. To read the PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. A free application for the program is available on the Adobe website.


Audio recordings are available in mp3 format and video streamings in Flash format. Old audio files are available in RealMedia format.


Terms of use




The Prime Minister’s Office, or any other named information provider, owns the copyright to the texts and photographs published on the website. This means that the copyright of press releases and speeches, for example, is always held by the issuing Ministry.


All text material can be freely used and linked to in proper context and provided that reference is made to the original source. Use of text material for commercial purposes requires prior agreement with the Prime Minister’s Office.


The terms of use for the Government image bank



Legal notice


The Government Communications Department at the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for running the website. Each Ministry is responsible for the press releases and speeches they have released for publication.


Every effort is made to keep information on the website up-to-date and accurate. The Prime Minister’s Office is not responsible for any losses or damage suffered by users due to possible errors on the site. Nor is the Ministry responsible for any harm caused by technical problems or any material published by external parties and linked to the website.


Personal data management


The Prime Minister’s Office is committed, under the Personal Data Act, to protecting the privacy and personal data of visitors to the website. We do not collect data that would enable the identification of individual visitors. We ask for an e-mail address or other contact details only to be able to answer users’ questions or feedback.


The Prime Minister’s Office does not collect personal data about the visitors to the site. Information is only collected about how users access and use the websites. This information is then used for developing the internet services. Such data includes:

- the user’s IP address,

- time of day,

- the pages viewed,

- browser type.


Further information


For further information on the website, please contact the Government Communications Department at info@vnk.fi.