Archive material

Prime Minister Kiviniemi's Government

22.6.2010 - 22.6.2011


The information is based on data available at the termination of the government.


Mari Kiviniemi

Prime Minister

Alexander Stubb

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Tuija Brax

Minister of Justice

Astrid Thors

Minister of Migration and European Affairs

Tapani Tölli

Minister of Public Administration and Local Government

Stefan Wallin

Minister of Culture and Sport

Anu Vehviläinen

Minister of Transport

Mauri Pekkarinen

Minister of Economic Affairs

Juha Rehula

Minister of Social Affairs and Health

Paula Lehtomäki

Minister of the Environment

Jyrki Katainen

Minister of Finance

Paavo Väyrynen

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development

Anne Holmlund (Picture: Parliament)

Minister of the Interior

Jyri Häkämies

Minister of Defence

Henna Virkkunen

Minister of Education

Sirkka-Liisa Anttila

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Suvi Lindén

Minister of Communications

Anni Sinnemäki

Minister of Labour

Paula Risikko

Minister of Health and Social Services

Jan Vapaavuori

Minister of Housing