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Government Foresight Network

Government Foresight Network is an interministerial forum for cooperation and exchange of information in issues relating to the anticipation of the future.


Anticipation of the future refers to a systematic and inclusive process involving the collection, assessment and analysis of information. It also includes outlining projections and visions for the future in the medium and long term.


All ministries are involved in anticipation activities relevant to their appropriate administrative sector. Anticipation activities undertaken by the ministries serve the strategic planning and direction of the administrative sector as well as the Government's decision-making. The Government Foresight Network is a forum for discussing the results of the anticipation work carried out in the administrative sectors.


Appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Network’s term lasts until the end of the Government’s term of office. The Network includes members from all ministries, and its presidency rotates among the ministries.