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Government policy programmes



In the parliamentary term 2007–2011, the Government had three policy programmes:

• Policy programme for employment, entrepreneurship and working life

• Policy programme for health promotion

• Policy programme for the well-being of children, youth and families.


More detailed information on the content of and preparatory work on the current policy programmes is included in the Government Strategy Document, issued on 5 December 2007.


As set out in the Government Programme, the policy programmes have covered broad-based intersectoral issues, in order to ensure that the Government’s key objectives are attained. They have comprised measures, projects and appropriations that fall within the mandate of various ministries. A number of impact objectives have been set for each policy programme.


The ministers responsible for the policy programmes were assisted by programme directors within the relevant ministries. Preparation and monitoring of the programmes were delegated to ministerial groups, which discussed all guidelines pertinent to the policy programme in question, and prepared for important decisions to be taken with respect to the programme. The State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office chaired the Programme Management Steering Committee appointed as a co-operation body between the policy programmes.


The Prime Minister’s Office co-ordinated the preparation and implementation of the policy programmes and developed relevant policy management procedures. The policy programmes have not changed the division of responsibilities within the Government. Co-ordinating ministers and programme directors have arranged the implementation of the policy programmes in the manner they deemed appropriate to attaining the programme objectives. They also made the necessary decisions on preparation for, and monitoring of, the policy programmes.


Final report on the policy programmes


The policy programmes published their collective final report on 29 March 2011.

Final report