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Government Policy Programmes  

Vanhanen's Cabinet 2003 - 2007


The Policy Programmes are broad-based intersectoral subject matters that are specified in the Government Programme in order to reach the objectives set by the Government. The policy programmes comprise the measures, projects and appropriations falling within the mandates of various ministries. Societal impact objectives are defined for the policy programmes.


Each policy programme is run by the ministry whose minister is in charge of the programme. The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for the overall coordination of policy programmes and the general development of the programme management system. The State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office chairs the Programme Management Steering Committee that functions as a cooperation body.


Prime Minister Vanhanen's Cabinet launched four policy programmes that are led and coordinated by a minister responsible for the programme:

  • Information Society Programme (Prime Minister)
  • Employment Policy Programme (Minister of Labour)
  • Entrepreneurship Policy Programme (Minister of Trade and Industry)
  • Civil Participation Policy Programme (Minister of Justice).

The preparation and monitoring of the programmes are delegated to ministerial groups. Any administrative decisions regarding the policy programmes are made by the Government in accordance with agreed procedures and they rely on the existing organisations.


The ministers responsible for the policy programmes are assisted by programme directors appointed to the relevant ministries. Other ministries involved in the planning and implementation of the policy programmes can also appoint civil servants for the preparation and monitoring of the programmes. The coordinating ministers and programme directors organise the implementation of the policy programmes in a manner they consider adequate for the attainment of the objectives. They also make decisions on the division of responsibilities and on the organisation of detailed preparation, implementation and monitoring of the policy programmes. Project groups can be established for the implementation of the different sub-sectors of the programmes.