Government week

The Government makes decisions at the Cabinet Finance Committees on Wednesdays, at Government plenary sessions on Thursdays and presidential sessions on Fridays. 


Ministers attend regularly meetings of cabinet committees and ministerial working groups and, when necessary, the evening session which is an unofficial negotiation session of the Government. In addition, the ministers have duties in their respective administrative sectors at their own ministries and duties as members of Parliament.



The Decisions page provides advance information on the issues of the forthcoming Government plenary session and the presidential session. Brief summaries of the decisions, the actual decisions with annexes and press releases on decisions are published shortly after the decisions are made.

Decisions (in Finnish)


Monitoring of the Government Programme

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen's Government decided on new measures for Government Programme monitoring. The Government  drew up a strategy to complement the Government Programme in parallel with a decision on spending limits for its term of office.

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