Government Programme monitoring

The goal of Prime Minister Alexander Stubb’s Government is an open, fair and confident Finland. The Government Programme is based on Prime Minister Katainen’s Government Programme, as well as the Structural Policy Programme and policies relating to its implementation and to fiscal adjustment.


Prime Minister Katainen’s Government Programme for the 2011–2015 parliamentary term and its objectives remain valid. The Government’s priority areas are the reduction of poverty, inequality and social exclusion; the consolidation of Finland's public finances; and the strengthening of sustainable economic growth, employment and competitiveness. The Government will implement the objectives set and decisions made both in the Government Programme and later in the current parliamentary term. Decision-making will be characterised by steadiness and continuity, thereby strengthening the confidence of Finnish households and businesses.


Government Programme monitoring data will be available in September


Monitoring of Prime Minister Alexander Stubb's Government Programme will be largely implemented in the same way as that of Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen. The related monitoring data will be made publicly available on 15 September 2014.


Prime Minister Katainen’s Government introduced new measures in relation to such monitoring. The Government drew up a strategic plan for the implementation of the Government Programme in parallel with a decision on spending limits for the current term of office. The implementation plan was adopted at the Government budget session on 14 September 2011, alongside the spending limits for the electoral term and the 2012 budget proposal. This plan took account of the decision on central government spending limits for the electoral period.


It also specified the main objectives of the Government Programme's priority areas, key projects and preparation responsibilities, generating strategic, inter-sectoral and comprehensive policy packages for the attainment of such objectives. These plans are still being followed and monitored alongside the new Government Programme.


The Government Policy Analysis Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for producing follow-up material for the Government Programme. In collaboration with the ministries, the Unit also promotes the Programme’s effective implementation.


Contact persons at the Prime Minister's Office


Mr. Jouni Varanka, Senior Specialist
tel. +358 295 160 177
- strategic implementation plan of the Government Programme, Government Programme monitoring and development of reporting systems


Mr Kimmo Hyrsky, Senior Specialist
tel. +358 295 160 191
- Government Programme monitoring, strategic implementation plan of the Government Programme