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Government formation talks start today at the House of the Estates

Government Communications Department 8.5.2019 8.54 | Published in English on 8.5.2019 at 13.24
Press release

Before noon on Wednesday 8 May, Antti Rinne who led the preliminary discussions on the formation of a new Government will announce the parties whose parliamentary groups will start the government formation negotiations. The negotiations will then begin at the House of the Estates at 14.15.

The talks will start by reviews of the economic, social and ecological situation. A review of the economic situation will be presented by Governor of the Bank of Finland Olli Rehn and State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Martti Hetemäki. A review of the social situation will be presented by Head of Unit Anne Lounamaa from the National Institute for Health and Welfare and a review of the ecological situation by Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics Markku Ollikainen from the University of Helsinki.

At the opening seminar presentations will also be given by Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Matti Anttonen, Permanent State Secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and Jari Gustafsson, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Live broadcasts on Wednesday

The leader of the government formation negotiations Antti Rinne will be available briefly to talk to the media at the House of the Estates at about 13.30. The event will be broadcast live at Periscope @FinnishGovernment.

The first day will end with a press conference at the House of the Estates at about 18.45. The press conference will be broadcast live on the Government website at vn.fi/live and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/valtioneuvosto-statsrådet.

Follow the government formation talks

The Government Communications Department will follow the progress of the negotiations and make photos, videos and live broadcasts available via its communication channels. Communication materials on the negotiations will be published on the Government website at vn.fi/hallitusneuvottelut. Photos will be available on the Government’s Flickr and Instagram accounts.

Inquiries: Päivi Anttikoski, Director of Government Communications, tel. +358 40 536 4821 and Päivi Paasikoski, Assistant Head of Communications, tel. +358 40 547 6279, Government Communications Department

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