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Jori Arvonen will continue as State Under-Secretary for EU Affairs

Government Communications Department 29.6.2016 14.15
News item

On 29 June, the Government appointed Jori Arvonen, (M.Soc.Sc.), to the post of Deputy Director General in the Prime Minister's Office for a fixed period. The position is situated in the Government EU Affairs Department. The Deputy Director General holds the title of State Under-Secretary for EU Affairs.

The Deputy Director General is in charge of the management of the Government EU Affairs Department in collaboration with the Director General and serves as his deputy where necessary and participates in tasks belonging to the remit of the Department. Alongside his main duties, Arvonen has also headed the EU Policy Unit, which deals with matters such as the EU Single Market, industrial policy, energy, transport and communications.

Previously he worked for instance as head of international affairs in the National Coalition Party between 2001 and 2007 and as a special adviser to the minister for foreign affairs between 2007 and 2011. Arvonen has been the Deputy Director General of the Government EU Affairs Department since 2011.

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