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Ministry of the Interior aims to reinforce the ability of security authorities to provide services

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 16.8.2019 16.09
Press release

The Ministry of the Interior proposes a total of EUR 1.53 billion in appropriations for its administrative branch in 2020, which is around EUR 34.7 million more than in 2019.

One of the aims of the Programme of Prime Minister Rinne's Government is to ensure that Finland is a safe and secure state governed by the rule of law, offers a stronger sense of security and secures the operational capability of the security authorities. The proposed appropriations will be used for putting these objectives into effect.

More police officers

In 2020, action will be taken to increase the number of police to closer to the target 7,500 person-years set out in the Government Programme. To attain this goal, a supplementary appropriation of EUR 7.5 million is proposed to be used for employing around 80 police officers in 2020.

The Ministry of the Interior proposes an increase for the police for operational ICT expenses and to cover higher costs of premises. An increase for system costs to the Finnish Security Intelligence Service is also proposed.

A total of around EUR 819 million is proposed for the police for 2020, which is EUR 5.4 million more than in the ordinary budget for 2019.

Additional funding for processing permits by the Finnish Immigration Service; more quota refugees

A supplementary appropriation of EUR 11.4 million is proposed for the processing of permits by the Finnish Immigration Service. The appropriation would make it possible to increase the staff numbers to about 950 employees in 2020. The Ministry of the Interior wants to improve the quality of decisions made by the Finnish Immigration Service so that they meet the conditions set by external assessments, and to ensure that processing times are reasonable. Faster processing will cut the costs of reception centres.

The proposal also takes into account the increase in the number of quota refugees outlined in the Government Programme and the resources required for making decisions on residence permits on the basis of international protection.

Stronger border security

The Government Programme aims to secure the capacity of the Border Guard and the number of border guards, creating a need for a supplementary appropriation of EUR 12.4 million for 2020.

The standing corps of the European Border and Coast Guard will be established as of 2021. Border Guard staff numbers will be increased and personnel will be put at the disposal of Frontex operations based on agreements made on an annual basis. Frontex will cover the costs of these persons. Funding is needed for 2020 to start recruitment and training.

A total of EUR 273 million is proposed for the Border Guard, which includes higher costs of premises and the planning of an offshore patrol vessel.

More recruitment and training of emergency response centre operators

A total of EUR 76 million is proposed for the operating expenses of the rescue services and the Emergency Response Centre Agency. This includes EUR 2.5 million for ensuring the service capacity of the emergency response centres in line with the Government Programme.

International cooperation and guidance and supervision to be strengthened

The Ministry of the Interior proposes an appropriation for the recruitment of an expert in matters related to Russia, for guidance and supervision of civilian intelligence and for strengthening the guidance of rescue services.



Kati Korpi, Director of Finance and Planning, tel. +358 295 488 513

Jussi Pyykkönen, Special Adviser to Minister Ohisalo, tel. +358 44 023 9149

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