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Government formation talks on the final stretch

25.5.2015  9.56

The negotiations to form a new government are continuing today on Monday in the Government Banquet Hall. Yesterday, the parties to the government formations talks agreed on a EUR 1.6 billion investment package to increase repair activities and promote the strategic flagship initiatives. According to the negotiation steering group, party leaders Juha Sipilä, Timo Soini and Alexander Stubb, the programme will be implemented over the next three years.

Discussions on the composition of the ministries and number of ministers will continue on Monday.

According to Sipilä, all key issues have now been resolved. Information on the outcome will be given at a press conference on Wednesday 27 May. If the schedule holds, the new government will be appointed on Friday 29 May. Sipilä also said on Sunday that in June the new Government will work in an open floor-plan office together with key officials to draw up the Government Action Plan. The ministers will move to their new ministries only after this has been accomplished.

Watch the party leaders' comments as they arrived in the Government Banquet Hall on Monday:
Juha Sipilä
Timo Soini
Alexander Stubb

Photos of the government formation talks

Materials, photos and videos relating to the government formation talks are available at:

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