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Statsrådets kommunikationsavdelning 12.2.2018 13.15
Press release 64/2018

On 12 January, the President of the Republic transferred and appointed Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen to the post of Minister of the Interior and appointed Member of Parliament Anne-Mari Virolainen to the post of Minister for Foreign Trade and Development. In the same context, the President noted that Speaker of Parliament Paula Risikko resigned, in accordance with the Constitution, from Government and from her post as Minister of the Interior, having been elected Speaker of Parliament on 5 February 2018.

The Government plenary session on 12 February decided on the division of responsibilities and on the ministerial deputies and appointed the members to the Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy, Ministerial Committee on European Union Affairs and Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy. State Secretary Risto Artjoki was appointed to continue in his position of State Secretary in the National Coalition group of ministers. The Government session started with the swearing in of Minister Virolainen, who also took a judicial oath of office.

Minister Virolainen’s personal details

Minister Mykkänen’s personal details

Division of responsibilities between ministers and ministerial deputies

Inquiries: Paula Lehtomäki, State Secretary, tel. +358 295 160 280, Prime Minister’s Office

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