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Appointment of the new Government on Thursday 6 June

Government Communications Department 5.6.2019 16.35 | Published in English on 5.6.2019 at 18.04
Press release 286/2019

The new Government will be appointed on Thursday 6 June. The President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö will meet the Speaker of Parliament and leader of the government formation talks Antti Rinne at 10.00 in Mäntyniemi and, having heard the Speaker, will notify the Parliament of the nominee for Prime Minister.

In its plenary session assembling at 12.00, the Parliament will be informed of the nominee for Prime Minister, and the plenary session assembling at 12.15 will elect a Prime Minister. In the presidential session assembling at 14.00, the President of the Republic will formally appoint the Prime Minister and other government ministers. The ministers will be appointed as proposed by the Prime Minister. This is also when the previous Government will officially resign.

Promptly after its appointment, the newly appointed Government will convene into a constitutive session. At the beginning of the session, the ministers take an oath of office or make an affirmation of office, and those who have not yet taken a judicial oath take the oath. The constitutive session decides on the division of responsibilities among the ministers working in the same ministry, the composition of the statutory ministerial committees, and who will deputise for the Prime Minister and other ministers. A Government statement to Parliament will also be issued on the new Government’s programme. Following the constitutive session, the new Government will pay a complimentary visit to the Presidential Palace, preceded by a farewell visit to the President of the Republic by the outgoing Government.

Photos of the Speaker's visit to Mäntyniemi (at 10.00) and the new Government's complimentary visit and the outgoing Government's farewell visit at the Presidential Palace will be posted on the Flickr account of the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland.

Follow the live webcasts of the Prime Minister election and meeting with the media after the plenary session at the Finnish Parliament webpages and Finnish Parliament Twitter account (media meeting only). Visit the Parliament's Flickr account for photos of the Prime Minister's election and meeting with the media.

Follow the live webcast of the new Government's inaugural press conference. The event will be interpreted into Finnish sign language.

Government Communications will broadcast live on Twitter and Periscope (Periscope @FinnishGovernment) the start of the presidential session (at 14.00) and the start of the Government plenary session (at 14.15).

Photos from the day’s events may be uploaded for media use from the Government Flickr account.

Government Communications will also follow closely the events of the day and post them on Twitter (#uusihallitus).

Inquiries: Katri Makkonen, Director of Communications at the Office of the President of the Republic, tel. 09 66 11 33, Office of the President of the Republic; Marjo Timonen, Head of Information, tel. +358 50 552 1185, and Rami Kurth, Information Officer, tel. +358 9 432 2482, Parliament; Päivi Anttikoski, Director of Government Communications, tel. +358 40 536 4821, Päivi Paasikoski, Assistant Head of Communications, tel. +358 40 547 6279, Prime Minister’s Office.

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