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Annual report 2016 on state ownership steering published

Statsrådets kommunikationsavdelning 13.6.2017 14.42
News item 34/2017

The 2016 annual report on state ownership steering has been published. The report describes activities related to the state corporate ownership portfolio.

There are separate chapters on board appointments, remuneration, corporate social responsibility and social impact. The report also provides an overview of the most important events during the reporting period, ownership steering objectives and activities, and movement in the value of the State’s share portfolio. In addition, the report describes the activities for the companies of other ministries for 2016.

Annual report 2016 on state ownership steering

Inquiries: Petri Vihervuori, Senior Financial Adviser, tel. +358 40 487 2623, Prime Minister's Office, petri.vihervuori(at)

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