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How can doctors, nurses and patients promote patient safety?

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 28.6.2017 12.32
News item

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has published a patient and client safety strategy for healthcare and social welfare.

Patient and client safety means that the treatment, care and services provided to individuals promote their physical, mental and social wellbeing and cause as little harm as possible.

The strategy aims to make Finnish healthcare and social welfare safer. Another goal is to involve patients and clients and people close them to ensure and improve patient and client safety. The strategy is meant for organisers and providers of health and social services as well as for personnel, patients, clients and their close ones.

On this video Medical Director Ermo Haavisto and Nursing Director Marina Kinnunen from Satakunta Hospital District and Irene Vuorisalo from the Finnish Diabetes Association describe how doctors, nurses and patients can contribute to patient safety.

Link to video:


Patient and client safety strategy (government resolution) (in Finnish)

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