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Expanding opportunities to export pork to China

Jord- och skogsbruksministeriet 18.9.2019 20.11
Press release

Finland and China renewed their bilateral agreement on the export of pork during Chinese Deputy Minister of Customs Hu Wei’s visit to Helsinki on 18 September. The new agreement is broader in scope than the previous one: among other things, it allows the export of refrigerated pork and expands the range of pig parts that can be exported to China. The previous export agreement for pork concerned only frozen meat.

In connection with the meeting, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and China Customs also concluded a cooperation agreement that will facilitate the continuation of regular negotiations between the authorities of the two countries. In addition, an agreement was reached on an inspection visit by the Chinese authorities to Finnish poultry meat establishments. The inspection is related to the ongoing market access process for poultry meat.

Earlier this year, China Customs granted facility-specific approval for two operators producing infant formula, several dairy producers and four Finnish fish producers. The export of fish to China began in September 2019.

"The Chinese market is a very important export target for Finland, and I am pleased to see that export opportunities are expanding. We will continue our efforts in this area and have earmarked funds for this purpose in next year's budget," Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä says. 


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