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Online think tank to generate ideas on the internationalisation of higher education institutions

Ministry of Education and Culture 29.8.2016 10.56
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The steering group to formulate an international policy approach for higher education and research appointed by Minister of Education and Culture Sanni Grahn-Laasonen would like to invite all those interested in making higher education and research more international to join us in an online think tank. The aim is to produce new ideas, new targets and new solutions for internationalisation.

We are hoping that the think tank can generate genuinely new approaches and novel tools that can be used the international policy approach for higher education and research due out in December.

We are inviting answers from a wide range of actors: higher education institutions, research institutes, business and industry, the public sector and other stakeholders from all areas of society. Brainstorming is an easy way to comment on mutual ideas and suggestions made by others.

The results will serve as a valuable source in formulating our policy approach.

The online think tank closes on 13 September 2016.

You can join the online think tank[email protected]&answer

Tiina Vihma-Purovaara, Counsellor of Education, tel. +358 2953 30327

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