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Finland’s educational, scientific and cultural cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean

Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö 30.11.2012 14.00
News item

The Ministry of Education and Culture has published a report on the current status of Finland’s cooperation with Latin America. The report contains a proposal for future focus areas of this cooperation in the field of education, science and culture and for the development of activities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The proposed measures focus on three issues in particular: 1) improving communications and coordination in Finland, Latin America and the Caribbean; 2) strengthening knowledge of the languages and cultures in question in Finland; and 3) supporting sector-specific cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture.

The report aims at improving cooperation and the efficiency of activities through developing expertise, networking and cooperation between different ministries.

Latin America and the Caribbean account for a vast proportion of global production, and it is increasing rapidly. As a result of economic development and changes in society, the region is strengthening its position as a significant actor on the global scale. For this reason, the report proposes the overall aim of stabilising the level of cooperation between Finland and Latin America and the amount of funding to be allocated for it to a level corresponding to the significance of the region by 2022.


Educational, scientific and cultural cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean – status report and a proposal for strategic measures Reports of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland 2012:26
The summary is found in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The publication is in Finnish only.

Finland and the Caribbean - growing closer (digipaper)
Published by the Ministry for Foreigna Affairs in 2010
Revised edition published in 2012

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