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An international evaluation of the Academy launched

Ministry of Education and Culture 28.8.2012 9.39
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An international evaluation of the Academy of Finland has been launched by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

The Academy operates within the administrative branch of the Ministry. The evaluation will be conducted by the international Technopolis Group. Technopolis Group has recently evaluated Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, which is the other major funding agency in Finland. It is also evaluating, among others, the Research Council of Norway for the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

The objective of the evaluation is to produce a comprehensive idea on international and national expertise of the activities of the Academy and to find out means for improving its operation, structures and impact. The evaluation aims to assess how the activities of the Academy should be developed in a changing operating environment to ensure that it can optimally contribute to enhancing the quality and impact of research and the functioning of the innovation system. The evaluation also aims to produce additional information and development proposals to improve the operation of the Academy, performance steering of the Academy and legislation on the Academy. The evaluation is due to be completed by the end of May 2013.

Significant reforms are taking place in the Finnish research and innovation system. Priorities for development include the universities reform, improving the quality and impact of research, restructuring and internationalisation of the entire system. As a key organisation providing funding for basic research, the Academy of Finland plays a crucial role in promoting these goals.

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