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Permanent Secretary Päivi Nerg: Today’s security challenges call for more intense collaboration internationally to reinforce Europe’s internal security

Ministry of the Interior 21.10.2014 14.05
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Permanent Secretary Päivi Nerg reflects on EU's internal security in Security Europe's October newsletter. According to Nerg, EU's internal security should be built on international security research and development driven by end users' needs. Research and development efforts should respond and construct solutions to real-world problems.

Nerg advocates strong cross-sectoral and international collaboration as well as openness in the face of today's security challenges. The result is a peaceful civil society where citizens trust and rely on their public authorities.

‒ Openness has a direct influence on citizens’ attitudes, values and behaviour – and offers profound ways to strengthen the core values of a secure society, says Nerg.

In Finland, the environment for security research and collaboration is attractive and competitive. There is a spirit of cross-sectoral collaboration, lowered organisational barriers and enforced efficient use of public resources at the operational level.

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