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Violent extremism in Finland, situation overview published

Ministry of the Interior 8.4.2014 11.06
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The third national situation overview of violent extremism in Finland is a thematic review focusing on the acts of violence and other offences which occurred in conjunction with a demonstration held on 6 December 2013, the Finnish Independence Day. This incident stimulated wide-ranging public discussion on the possible reasons behind the rioting and gave rise to speculations as to how such incidents reflect changes in society. This overview and the assessments presented are based on the operational data of the police concerning the incident. The issue is discussed from a social perspective. No position is taken on the rioting as far as criminal law and pre-trial investigation conducted on the basis of it are concerned.

This overview also reports what changes have taken place in the assessment concerning violent Islamic extremism since the previous overview. The situation assessments of other forms of violent extremism have not changed. These have been discussed in the previous overviews and include extreme right-wing, extreme left-wing and radical alternative movements, violent Islamic extremism and lone actors. In addition to the above, the present overview also examines the number and type of all offences aspects features of violent extremism in Finland in 2013.

Situation overview 1/2014

Two overviews were released in 2013, the first in January and the second in September.

These biannual overviews, published in accordance with the National Action Plan to Prevent Violent Extremism, are the responsibility of the cross-administrative National Cooperation Network for the Prevention of Violent Extremism, appointed by the Ministry of the Interior.

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