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Programme of Prime Minister Katainen’s Government, 22 June 2011

The Programme of the current Government was submitted to Parliament in the form of a Government statement on 22 June 2011.

Government programme

An open, fair and confident Finland

Jyrki Katainen’s Government aims to achieve a caring and successful Finland. Finland will be developed as a Nordic welfare state and a society that not only looks after its own citizens, but also bears its international responsibilities, as part of the Nordic region, Europe and the world.

Finnish society is based on hard work, respect for application and entrepreneurship, equality, solidarity and caring for one another. Respect for everyone and openness to diversity are Finnish virtues. Finland’s status as a bilingual country is a strength and resource. Various religions and communities are valuable to moral growth. In Finland, everyone is equal irrespective of their gender, age, ethnic origin, language, religion, convictions, opinions, health, disability, sexual orientation, or any other factor. The Government will systematically act against racism and discrimination.

The Nordic welfare model, based on a high employment rate, competitive economy, equal services and care for all, has proven the best social system. It combines social cohesion with competitiveness. The Government will take a determined approach to improving the basic structures of the welfare society. The entire country will be developed, while respecting unique local characteristics.

Work generates welfare. Finland’s future success and sustainable funding of the welfare state are dependent on a high employment rate. It is the Government’s goal to ensure that all those capable of working are given the opportunity and incentive to do so and, furthermore, to extend careers and provide favourable conditions for existing and new business activities. The atmosphere of trust prevailing in the labour market helps its various parties to commit to common goals. This enhances the country’s competitiveness.

Being based on expertise and creativity, the competitiveness of Finnish labour requires a well-functioning educational system. The best comprehensive school system in the world will be strengthened to guarantee equal opportunities for all. Education is an end in itself. On the international stage, Finland will aim for the top in professional expertise, higher education, and research, development and innovation activities alike.

Rising inequality represents a threat to Finnish society and the Finnish way of life. The Government will act with determination to develop and reinforce the basic structures of the welfare society. Poverty and inequality of all types will be reduced. The wellbeing of families and every citizen’s societal participation will be increased.

Equality between generations is an important goal for the Government. The sufficiency of equally-provided, high-quality public services and social security resources will be ensured by maintaining well-managed public finances. Similarly, sustainable funding of pensions and their sufficiency for future generations will be ensured.

The environment will be left in better condition for future generations. Finland will be developed with the aim of becoming a forerunner in efforts to protect biodiversity and to mitigate climate change. The Government’s goal is to make the future Finland a carbon-neutral society, to propel Finland to a leading position in environmental technology, and to develop the nation into the most environmentally conscious society in the world.

Finland will pursue an active foreign policy and foster co-operation with other nations and peoples. It will play an active role in increasing co-operation between the Nordic countries and other neighbouring countries, in developing activities of the European Union, and in acting as a member of the global community. Finland will encourage efforts to reduce global poverty.

The European Union is Finland’s most significant international co-operation forum. Finland seeks an EU that is a project for peace, growth, employment and social justice. Membership of the EU and its joint development are in Finland's interests. Independence means participation in international decision-making, in the forums in which decisions affecting Finns are made.

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