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Finland participates in the strengthening of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus

Ministry for Foreign Affairs 5.6.2019 10.10
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A tender submitted jointly by Finland and Austria has won a contract for implementing a Twinning project in Belarus. The two-year project will develop the expertise and activities of the Belarusian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Valko-Venäjä liittyi mukaan Twinning-toimintaan vuonna 2018. Kuva: Heidi Lempinen Belarus joined the Twinning instrument in 2018. Photo: Heidi Lempinen

Finnish and Austrian public officials will visit Belarus in order to provide training for local colleagues and to share information of EU Member States’ best practices.  The Finnish parties in the project are the Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd (HAUS) and the Ministry of the Interior. The project is scheduled to start in mid-July and it will be coordinated in Minsk by Esa Ahlberg.

“Twinning is an excellent development instrument and it is great to be able to share our Finnish expertise with Belarus, in particular,” says Director Heidi Lempinen, who is responsible for international affairs at HAUS. 

Belarus joined the Twinning instrument in 2018. The implementation of this project, led jointly by Finland and Austria, will be one of the first Twinning projects to be carried out in Belarus.


Twinning is a European Union instrument for the development of public administration and legislation in the European Union’s neighbouring areas. The instrument is part of the European neighbourhood and enlargement policy. The EU Member States are invited to submit their tenders and, based on them, partner countries select the tenderers to carry out the projects.

Twinning is based on close cooperation between the winner of the contract and the partner country in order to achieve the set objectives. Individual Twinning projects last approximately two years and the project budget ranges between EUR 1 to 2 million. In Finland, Twinning activities are coordinated by the Twinning team at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.



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