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Finland sends more defence materiel assistance to Ukraine

Ministry of Defence
Publication date 4.7.2022 18.15 | Published in English on 4.7.2022 at 18.30
Press release

On July 4th 2022, the President of the Republic decided, at the proposal of the Government, that Finland will send more defence materiel assistance to Ukraine.

To ensure that the assistance reaches its destination, more detailed information on the content, manner of delivery or schedule of the assistance will not be provided.

Both Ukraine's needs and the resources of the Defence Forces have been taken into account when deciding on Finland's additional assistance.

"The situation in Ukraine remains severe, and the country needs assistance. We continue our support together with our partners", states Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen.

Following Russia's military aggression, Ukraine has requested materiel assistance from the EU and NATO Member States.

Inquiries: Miikka Pynnönen, Special Adviser to the Minister of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 117.

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