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Minister of Defence Kaikkonen to take part in Northern Group defence minister meeting

Ministry of Defence
9.6.2021 9.07 | Published in English on 9.6.2021 at 9.10
Press release
Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen will take part in a video conference of the Northern Group's defence ministers on 9 June 2021. Northern Group is a forum for addressing security in Northern Europe. Apart from the Nordic countries and the Baltic States, the Northern Group consists of the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland and Germany.
The agenda for this week's meeting includes the regional security situation, sustainable development in the defence sector and Green Defence. The ministers will also discuss military mobility.
The meeting will be hosted by Estonia. After the meeting, Finland will take over as Chair of the Northern Group for the rest of the year.
Inquiries: Special Adviser Johanna Hämäläinen on the agenda, tel. +358 295 140086, and Head of Communications Kristian Vakkuri on communications of the meeting, tel. + 358 295 140 123.

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