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Minister of Defence, Mr. Antti Kaikkonen, decided on Finland's participation in international training and exercises in 2021

Ministry of Defence
4.12.2020 16.00
Press release

International training and exercises have become increasingly important in the development of the skills and competences required in the tasks of the Finnish Defence Forces. Closer defence cooperation has also influenced the goals and scenarios of international training and exercises, as well as the scope of the exercises.

The participation of the Finnish Defence Forces in international training and exercises in 2021 reflects, for its part, intensified defence cooperation and continues the long-term participation in international training and exercise cooperation. The evolving cooperation with Sweden, the United States and NATO will naturally influence the content of participation in international training and exercises. The Finnish Defence Forces focus on demanding international exercises and exercises in which the provision and reception of military assistance are practised.

Next year, the most important exercises will be part of Nordic cooperation and bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Sweden and the United States. Training and exercises related to them will be organised during the spring and early summer in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The plan for 2021 includes 60 training and exercise events (71 in 2020) for 2021, with a cost of approximately EUR 4.0 million (EUR 7.9 million in 2020). More information on Finland's participation in international training cooperation and examples of international exercises in 2021 on the Ministry of Defence website.

Inquiries: Deputy Director General Janne Kuusela, tel. +358 295 140 206 and Senior Staff Officer Jyri Saanio, tfn. +358 295 140 003.
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