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Pay rises to reservists at the beginning of August

Ministry of Defence 3.7.2020 10.57 | Published in English on 3.7.2020 at 11.00
Press release

By decision of the Ministry of Defence, reservists' daily allowances will be raised starting on 1 August 2020. In future, reservist daily allowance will be EUR 61.44 (formerly EUR 60.10) for the rank and file, EUR 64.52 (formerly EUR 62.80) for non-commissioned officers (NCOs), and EUR 67.59 (formerly EUR 65.85) for officers.

Reservist pay was previously adjusted by an amendment of decree on 6 July 2018.

Inquiries: Joona Lapinlampi, Presenting Officer, Ministry of Defence, tel. + 358 0295 140 033.

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