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Prime Minister Sanna Marin's speech at the Climate Ambition Summit 12.12.2020

Government Communications Department
Publication date 12.12.2020 18.08

Finland aims to be the world’s first climate neutral welfare society. We are committed to become climate neutral by 2035 and have negative net emissions soon after that.

We commit to take an active role in the global green recovery and green transition, aligned with the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda. 

Finland has already communicated to the UNFCCC its long-term strategy in line with 2035 climate neutrality. And as a member of the European Union, Finland is part of the EU’s ambitious joint Nationally Determined Contribution. 
We commit to scale up our climate finance, aiming at balanced mitigation and adaptation. Last year our contribution was record high. 

Finland commits to actively promote a systemic approach. Climate aspects need to be part of our economic and financial policies. We act as co-chair of the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action. 

We firmly believe that all climate action should be based on the best available science. For this we need climate science and forecasting services. The Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Finnish Government commit to collaborate globally towards strong early warning systems.

We commit to promote sustainable food systems and fight against biodiversity loss. Renewable energy, nature-based solutions, circular economy, innovation and digital transformation are all key areas in Finland’s climate action.

There is a clear risk that inequality between nations will increase as a cause of the Covid pandemic. We urge all of us to implement recovery measures in line with the UN Secretary General’s six principles. 

And finally: We commit to share our experiences to facilitate the global green transition. By committing ourselves into a climate dialogue, we can build a common green future for our children and their children.