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Defence Forces to procure services for life cycle support

Puolustusministeriö 10.1.2019 14.45 | Published in English on 10.1.2019 at 14.50
Press release

The Defence Forces' Logistic Command has received a mandate from Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö to procure services for life cycle support of systems for military aviation, maritime defence as well as for intelligence, surveillance and command and control systems. The services will be delivered by Patria Aviation Oy. While the overall value of the procurement is about EUR 80.1 million the domestic employment effect will be approximately 500 person-years.

Similar contracts were concluded with Insta Group and Combitech. The overall value of the contracts are about EUR 9.8 million for Insta Group and EUR 5.1 million for Combitech. Both have employment effect of about 50 person-years. A sufficient industrial capacity will ensure reliable system operability in all readiness conditions.

Inquiries: Senior Ministerial Adviser Jouko Tuloisela, Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 412; and Communications Officer Ville Tuokko, Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command, tel. +358 299 570 126.

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