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Defence Forces to procure new all-terrain trucks

Ministry of Defence
13.9.2019 13.45
Press release

Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen has authorised the Defence Forces, on 12th of September 2019, to procure all-terrain trucks from Scania Suomi Oy and Veho Oy Ab.

The procurement supports the Defence Forces' logistics development programme; all-terrain trucks are an essential part of the Defence Forces logistics system needed, for example, for transporting supplies. They will be used to equip the Army's logistics troops and the logistics units of different branches. All-terrain trucks will be used to transport personnel and materiel and as hauling equipment.

The overall value of the procurement that is carried out in line with the framework agreement of Hansel is about EUR 13 million incl. VAT. The employment effect of the construction work, equipment and subcontracting of vehicle pallet and hook equipment in Finland will be 12 person-years. While a total of 54 all-terrain trucks will be purchased the contract also includes a provision for supplementary procurement.

The trucks will be delivered to the Defence Forces over 2020-2022.

Inquiries: Senior Ministerial Adviser Jouko Tuloisela, Ministry of Defence, tel. +358 295 140 412; and Inspector of Logistics, Colonel Mika Multanen, Army Command Finland, tel. +358 299 800 (switchboard).

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