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Finland, Estonia and Latvia signed a Letter of Intent concerning the development of armoured wheeled vehicle platform

Ministry of Defence
17.12.2019 15.37 | Published in English on 17.12.2019 at 15.40
Press release

The Ministers of Defence of Estonia and Latvia and the Permanent Secretary of the Finnish Ministry of Defence have on 17 December 2019 signed a trilateral Letter of Intent. In the Letter of Intent the Ministries of Defence of Estonia, Latvia and Finland express their intention to engage in common consultations, exploring the possibility to establish a cooperative programme for the development of platform for an armored personal carrier with increased mobility.

The objective of the cooperative programme would be to offer cost-effective solutions to each country's capability requirements, which would first be harmonized to the extent possible. The development of a common vehicle platform could also provide increased value for money, interoperability and security of supply.

The Letter of Intent is non-binding and does not constitute any obligation to procure any service or product.

For more information:

Ministry of Defence of Finland, Senior Adviser Sanna Laaksonen, tel. 0295 140 417

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