EU Heads of State or Government reflect on the future of the Union

Government Communications Department 10.3.2017 14.43 | Published in English on 10.3.2017 at 16.59
Press release 108/2017

Today on 10 March, the Heads of State or Government of the EU discussed the future of the EU. A declaration on the shared goals of the Union is to be adopted on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties on 25 March.

The 27 Heads of State or Government discussed the reform of the EU on the basis of the draft proposal of the President of the European Council and discussion paper published by the Commission.

In the future development of the Union Finland stresses an appropriate balance between ambition and realism. The aim for Finland is to ensure a uniform and functioning EU which focuses on the most relevant issues, such as growth and security.

- Our visions for the future of the Union and the possibility to progress at a different pace are very similar to those of Germany, for example. Making progress at a different pace is already a reality in terms of the euro zone and it can also be applied to some elements of defence cooperation. But in a way that countries that wish to join in later are allowed to do so, says Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.

Globalisation offers significant opportunities which the EU must take full advantage of to ensure growth and competitiveness in Europe. Finland considers that this is also the best way to promote the welfare of the citizens, the so-called social dimension of the EU.

- We must focus our efforts to supporting employment and economic growth. Obstacles to trade must be removed in the common EU markets while actively constructing trade relations with third countries, Minister Sipilä says

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