Finland 100 centenary year reaches its climax
Everyone’s ready for the birthday party of the century

Government Communications Department 5.12.2017 9.02
Press release 570/2017
Everyone’s ready for the birthday party of the century

Tomorrow, 6 December 2017, the independent Finland will be 100 years old. The celebrations begin today, on 5 December, the eve of Independence Day, with light shows, by flying the flags and with countless events across Finland. The centenary of Finland will also be celebrated around the globe as people join in to share our country's historic moment.

"The centenary of Finland's independence has brought together Finns and friends of Finland all over the world,” says Pekka Timonen, General Secretary of the Centenary of Finland’s Independence, Prime Minister’s Office. “This is a long-awaited, unique moment in our country's history, and we welcome all kinds of celebrations to honour Finland."

The festivities celebrating Finland's birthday begin today, on the eve of Independence Day – 5 December, by hoisting the flags and lighting blue-and-white lights everywhere in Finland at 6 p.m. All Finns are also invited to share a coffee break at 2 p.m. in honour of the hundred-year-old Finland.

The official opening of the centenary of Finland's independence will be held at the Market Square in Helsinki at 6 p.m. on 5 December. An installation of one hundred Finnish flags will be created in the square when children and young people hoist the flags. The flag-hoisting ceremony will also be attended by the President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, Speaker of the Parliament, Maria Lohela, and Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä.

The merry eve will be followed by a dignified Independence Day with its traditions and festivities. The historic and emotional evening will be celebrated in homes and assembly halls across the country. The centenary celebration of Finland's independence will culminate in a festive fireworks display, which will rise above Helsinki's South Harbour at around 10 p.m. on 6 December. The fireworks will also close the centenary celebrations.

The world will join in to celebrate one hundred years of Finland's independence. Dozens of well-known landmarks and iconic venues and buildings around the world will be illuminated with blue-and-white lights in honour of Finland. All Finnish embassies will organise a reception for Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence, and numerous Finnish communities will hold parties to celebrate their home country. There will also be greetings and other accolades for the 100-year-old Finland.

People can enjoy the numerous celebrations and events in the comfort of their own home through television, radio and social media.

We welcome you to celebrate this historic moment together with us!

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Finland 100. Finland celebrates 100 years of independence in 2017. It is the most significant commemorative year for this generation of Finns, and it is celebrated all year long, in every corner of Finland. The theme of Finland's centenary celebration year is 'Together'. Responsibility for the organisation of the centenary year rests with the ‘Finland 100’ project organisation established at the Prime Minister’s Office, the office's project secretariat and the network of regional councils., #suomi100, #finland100