Timeline of budget preparation for 2020

Ministry of Finance 8.7.2019 13.08
News item

The preparation of the Budget for 2020 will begin on 13 to 14 August with a budget session at the Ministry of Finance. The government proposal for the 2020 Budget will be published on 7 October.

Preliminary timetable for the preparation of the budget proposal (subject to change):

  • Tuesday 13 to Wednesday 14 August: Budget session at the Ministry of Finance
  • Friday 16 August: The Ministry of Finance will submit its proposal to the Ministries and publish it at budjetti.vm.fi
  • Wednesday 28 to Thursday 29 August: Negotiations between the Ministry of Finance and other ministries
  • Tuesday 17 to Wednesday 18 September: Government negotiations on the Budget and General Government Fiscal Plan (i.e. the government budget session) at the House of the Estates
  • Monday 7 October: A debate of the Budget proposal and the General Government Fiscal Plan will be held at an extraordinary Ministerial Finance Committee meeting and a government plenary session and the publication at budjetti.vm.fi.

Invitations to events for the media will be sent later.

Timeline of budget preparation (in Finnish)


Sami Yläoutinen, Head of Department, tel. +358 2955 30320 (on holiday 9 July to 7 August)
Jonna Berghäll, Senior Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 2955 30349 (on holiday 11 July to 7 August)
Eeva Kärkkäinen, Special Adviser, tel. +358 295530407 (on holiday 15 July to 5 August)