Electronic prescribing via the Effica system forbidden so far

23.9.2011 17.20
News item N5-58378

A malfunction has been observed in the electronic prescribing introduced a week ago in the region of Päijät-Häme that may have resulted in faulty prescriptions. According to the information we have at the moment it is question of a problem related to the patient information system.

It has been decided as a precautionary measure to ensure patient safety that so far no electronic prescriptions may be written through the Effica patient information system until the fault has been corrected.

The pharmacies follow the instructions issued by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea and the Association of Finnish Pharmacies. Persons who have purchased medicines at pharmacies by electronic prescriptions they have got at health or dental clinics of Aava Peruspalvelukeskus (municipalities of Hartola, Iitti, Myrskylä, Nastola, Orimattila, Pukkila, Sysmä) are requested to ensure that the medication corresponds to that prescribed by their physician or dentist. In unclear cases contact the health or dental clinic where the medicine was prescribed.

More information

Hannu Puuronen, Director, Tieto Healthcare Finland Oy, [email protected], tel. 0400 291 801
Anne Kallio, Head of Development, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, forename.surname @stm.fi, tel. 050 430 2470
Marina Lindgren, Planning Director, Social Insurance Institution, KanTa services, [email protected], tel. 0400 665 368
Vesa Jormanainen, Head of Unit, National Institute for Health and Welfare, forename.surname @thl.fi, tel. 040 1630 735