Handbook offers practical instructions on promoting gender equality

7.6.2013 8.20
News item N5-62603

Having received international interest, a handbook supporting the gender equality work at government ministries is now published in English. Gender Glasses in Use explains why it is important to incorporate the gender perspective in the preparation stages of decision-making, and presents the best practices for doing so. Although the examples deal with Finnish authorities, the handbook is equally useful to other professionals and countries as well.

Gender mainstreaming refers to the promotion of gender equality in all decision-making by the authorities. Decisions may have different effects on men and women, and these must be accounted for. In the handbook, a complex issue is broken down into practical instructions. Civil servants are given advice on how to apply the gender perspective when carrying out projects, drafting legislation, or planning the ministries' operations and economy.

The handbook was originally prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for Finnish ministries. It was drawn up in 2009 as a part of the national mainstreaming project Gender Glasses in Use funded by the European Commission.

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