Medicines Policy 2020 is a positive start to a sustainable and solid practical co-operation

16.5.2011 11.11
News item N5-57748

Medicines policy is a part of the social welfare and health policy. The Medicines Policy 2020 document includes the medicines policy objectives for the coming decade and sharpens the focus of the social welfare and healthcare strategy.

The medicines policy outline has been drawn in collaboration with the stakeholders of the pharmaceutical branch. All phases of the medicine life are here represented: from research to patients.

The main objective of the pharmaceutical service is to provide efficient, safe, rational and cost-effective pharmacotherapies to those who need them. The objective can be reached by developing the current system towards a better match with the customer needs.

The policy outlines are crystallised in the form of five main objectives:

The pharmaceutical service constitutes a part of the social welfare and healthcare service system. The pharmaceutical service is of high quality, efficient and cost-effective. Rational pharmacotherapies and good medication safety promote people's wellbeing and public health, decreasing the healthcare expenditure. Pharmaceutical research has a positive impact on health, wellbeing and employment. Veterinary pharmaceutical services safeguard public health and promote the wellbeing of humans and animals.

The implementation of the outlines on a national and international level will call for good interaction and open communication between the stakeholders in the branch. The government programme sets the framework for the implementation of the medicines policy but the document also includes several objectives specific to the branch, best implemented in day-to-day practical work.

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