Patient safety a topic in a ministerial conference in Prague

16.4.2009 6.27
News item N5-56331

Minister of Health and Social Services Paula Risikko represents Finland in a ministerial conference held in Prague on 15-16 April that focuses on patient safety and the prevention and surveillance of healthcare associated infections. In the conference Minister Risikko will be presenting Finnish programmes on antimicrobial resistance as well as the new National Patient Safety Strategy published in January.

An estimated 8-12 percent of hospital patients in the Member States suffer adverse events during treatment. Healthcare associated infections are one of the most common unintentional risk events with potential serious harm to the patient. Although hospital infections are as prevalent in Finland as in other European countries, only a fraction of the infections in Finland are caused by so called hospital bacteria. Finland aims at keeping the level of antimicrobial resistance as low as possible in healthcare settings.