Finland's roadmap for the European Research Area completed

Ministry of Education and Culture 2.6.2016 9.36
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Finland's national development goals and concrete actions to implement the European Research Area ERA have now been published. The set of national goals is based on the ERA Roadmap, created by the European Research Area and Innovation Committee ERAC in spring 2015. The roadmap was founded on the invitation of the Council of the European Union for the Member States to prepare, in cooperation with the Commission, a roadmap for the European Research Area for 2015-2020.

In Finland there are several development actions under way concerning more efficient research systems and the related funding, joint research programmes and infrastructures, education of researchers and careers in research, and promoting access to research information and innovation.

In the European roadmap priorities are identified which are considered to have the greatest impact on the European research and innovation systems. The focus and priorities of Finland's national research and innovation policy are in line with the priorities and actions of the European roadmap.

Work on the European Research Area ERA has been done since 2000. It gained a legal basis in the Lisbon Agreement in 2007.

The aim is to create a unified research area in which researchers, scientific knowledge and technology circulate freely and through which the Union and its Member States can strengthen their scientific and technological bases, competitiveness and capacity to collectively address grand challenges.

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Finland as a part of the European Research Area Finland’s national ERA actions