Government to fund R&D activity with EUR 2 billion in 2013

Ministry of Education and Culture 28.2.2013 14.05
News item

In the 2013 Government Budget, the total funding of research and development goes up to EUR 2,002 million. The Budget appropriations and outlays for research and development fall EUR 53 million short of the previous year.

According to Statistics Finland, government R&D expenditure as a proportion of overall government spending exclusive of debt servicing is estimated to be 3.8 per cent.

The funding of the biggest administrative branch, the Ministry of Education and Culture, amounts to EUR 984 million. The funding of the Ministry of Education and Culture goes mostly to universities and the Academy of Finland.

The amount of R&D funding grows only in the administrative branches of the Ministries for Foreign Affairs and of Justice. The good EUR 17 million reduction in the funding of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy comes mostly from cuts in the outlays and appropriations for technology of Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The funding of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy amounts to EUR 688 million.

Nearly one-half of the R&D funding of government research institutes comprises other than budget funding. The research institutes estimate that the amount of extra-budgetary research funding will rise to EUR 300 million, which is EUR 14 million more than in the year before and just EUR four million less than budget funding.

Research funding received from the European Union will also grow by over EUR five million to nearly EUR 52 million.

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