Equality Conference Boahttevuohta - Moving forward together in Inari on 14-15 August

Ministry of the Interior 13.8.2013 12.00
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Does Finnish society provide equal opportunities to all population groups?
What is the state of public debate in Finland? Is everyone getting their voice heard?
What are young people's thoughts on society and the future?

Everyone gets to speak at the Boahttevuohta Conference! The Equality is Priority (YES) project is aimed at promoting equality within Finnish society. At the conference, equality is discussed from the perspective of the ILO Convention on the Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples and the media, for example.

The keynote speakers at the conference are ILO's Former Senior Adviser on Human Rights Lee Swepston and Researcher Mattias Åhren from the University of Tromsø. Working groups will be established to discuss the realisation of equality in the Sámi homeland more widely.

Another key theme of the conference is the role of the media in promoting interaction between various population groups. An international and EU-wide perspective will be provided by the representative of the Council of Europe's No Hate Speech movement. YLE's website on hate speech raised frenzied discussion this spring. The website's producer, Hannele Valkeeniemi, will be elaborating on this development at the conference. A more extensive look at the media's social influence related to equality will be taken by reporters and experts in YLE's Pressiklubi programme.

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