Important international award for the Emergency Response Centre Administration

Ministry of the Interior 18.4.2013 9.53
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The Emergency Response Centre Administration has been rewarded for its efforts towards efficient ERC operations. This international award was presented late in the evening of Wednesday, 17 April 2013, in Riga (Latvia). It was received by Martti Kunnasvuori, Head of the Emergency Response Centre Administration.

Every year, the European Emergency Number Association EENA rewards individuals and organisations for significant contributions and achievements in promoting emergency number 112. These awards are divided into eight categories.

In his speech, EENA founder and chairman Olivier Paul-Morandin praised the top candidates’ outstanding merits: "I hope that the heroes we have met today will inspire us in our continued work towards a safer society!"

Finland won in the Outstanding National 112 System category, which means that its national system of emergency rescue centres is the best in Europe. Emergency centre organisations from all over Europe cast votes in this competition, making the prize even more valuable.

Finnish ERC key figures speak for themselves

The Finnish ERC Administration’s operations are advanced, even by international standards. The emergency call response time, for example, has been at an excellent level for years. In addition, Finland is a forerunner among European countries when it comes to popular recognition of the emergency number 112, which is known by 96 per cent of Finns The European 112 Day is another innovation that originated in Finland.

The core of Finnish ERC operations is the cooperation between multiple authorities, facilitated not only by the emergency rescue centres but also e.g. the Public Authority Network (VIRVE). This cooperation is expected to further intensify in the wake of new ICT and operative solutions, cementing Finland's position in developing the chain of assistance.

The award was presented to Martti Kunnasvuori, Head of the Emergency Response Centre Administration, who credited the entire Finnish chain of assistance and the ECR professionals in his acceptance speech.

"Without active cooperation between authorities, efficient 112 operations would not be feasible. In particular, I would like to thank our staff for the valuable development work performed by our experts on behalf of the Finnish ERC Administration over the last ten years. This award is also a great honour for Finland, for the ministries in charge and the policy makers thanks to whom Finnish ERC operations are advanced and well organised by international standards. The key figures for our operations speak for themselves", Kunnasvuori points out.

"This provides a good platform for future development and our national and international cooperation."

The European Emergency Number Association EENA

The European Emergency Number Association EENA is a non-governmental organisation founded in Brussels in 1999. The organisation's goal is to promote high-quality 112 services everywhere in the EU.

EENA members include more than 600 representatives of 112 organisations from 43 European countries, technical suppliers, international organisations and 26 members of the European parliament.

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