Team Finland’s customer relationship management system improves

Ministry for Foreign Affairs 11.9.2019 10.35
News item

A shared customer relationship management (CRM) system, developed by providers of public business services, increases the effectiveness of the Team Finland network.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has participated in the development of a new CRM system, used by the key actors involved in the Team Finland network. All organisations using the system serve and support Finnish companies in their export activities.

The system provides the key actors with access to real-time data on corporate customers. The shared operating model will strengthen Team Finland’s export cooperation and enable more flexible cooperation between organisations.

Public service providers help tens of thousands of Finnish companies. Thanks to the electronic system, it is now easier than before for them to approach companies seeking opportunities for establishing business operations abroad.

“The system works like glue that connects Team Finland actors. We want promote the export operations of Finnish companies effectively. Finland's wellbeing relies on the wellbeing of Finnish companies,” says Juha Markkanen, Senior Adviser at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He welcomes the fact that companies using the new operating model will find it easier to set up business abroad.

The system was developed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs together with the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Business Finland, Finnvera, Employment and Economic Development Offices, and Tukes, all of which operate under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and will be used by them. As many as 1,400 users in six different organisations are already using the system, and the number will eventually rise to 1,800. 

The Act on customer data systems for business services, enacted in 2017, enables secure exchange of customer data. The Act requires that any data disclosed, saved and used must be necessary for carrying out official work duties.

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