Police and Minister of the Interior report on the asylum situation

Government Communications Department 24.11.2015 16.44
Press release 630/2015

The National Police Commissioner and Minister of the Interior gave a report on the asylum situation to the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and Employment. Incidents of disturbances, unrest and violence have increased in the reception centres and their immediate vicinity.

Disruptive behaviour and acts of violence have been committed by both asylum seekers and Finnish nationals. Such behaviour, as well as encouraging hostilities and engaging in violence, is not acceptable, be it instigated by asylum seekers or the native population. The Finnish Government and competent authorities are taking every measure to maintain internal security and social integrity.

The meeting discussed the steps that have already been taken and considered ways of ensuring continued public security. It was concluded that a conviction for a serious offence will significantly affect an applicant's possibility to receive international protection in Finland.

English translation of the press release published on 25 November 2015

Jari Lindström Juha Sipilä Petteri Orpo Sipilän hallitus