Cookie policy

The Ministry’s cookie policy complies with the recommendations of the National Cyber Security Centre, which operates under the auspices of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. According to the recommendations of the National Cyber Security Centre, users can agree to allow the storage of cookies using the settings of their browser or another application, for example. 

Website cookies 

This website uses certain technical cookies to enable it and its distribution service to function properly and to ensure information security. These cookies are always enabled irrespective of your browser's cookie settings. Cookies are used only to carry out functions necessary for the operation of the website and service. They are not used to collect personal data. 

You can manage the non-essential cookies on the website by changing your browser’s cookie settings. Blocking cookies may affect the user experience, but it will not affect the functioning of the website. Such cookies include 

  1. Tracking and analytics cookies 
  2. Session cookies 
  3. Third-party cookies, such as social media embedding 

Tracking and analytics cookies

The website's visitor tracking collects general statistics that are used for analysing and improving the online service. Data is collected on websites viewed, times of visit, browser types and operating systems, for example. The visitor tracking does not collect data that would enable the identification of individual persons. Users’ IP addresses are anonymised to a general level before they are processed.  

You can allow or block tracking cookies by changing your site-specific browser settings. If cookies have been blocked, the visitor tracking will store only session-specific information, and the cookies will expire when the browsing session ends. Cookies allowed using the browser’s cookie settings can be valid for a maximum of three years. The tracking data will not be disclosed to third parties. 

Session cookies 

Session cookies improve the user experience on the website and can be enabled or disabled using the browser’s cookie settings. 

  • Session identifier, which will expire in one week. 
  • Information on whether cookies have been enabled, which will expire in one year. 
  • Language selection, which will expire when the browsing session ends. 
  • Time of session, which will expire when the browsing session ends. 

Third-party cookies

Third-party applications, such as social media feeds, videos or podcasts, are embedded into some pages of the website. When a page loads, these applications may store cookies in the user’s browser that communicate information about the loading and the address of the page to a third party.  

You can block or allow third-party cookies using your browser’s cookie settings. 

More information on how cookies are used is available in the privacy statement of each service provider.    

Managing cookies

Instructions on managing cookies using the most common browsers and applications are available here:

Blocking and deleting cookies

Computer browsers

Mobile device browsers

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