Travelling to and from Finland

In line with the Government’s decision from 8 July, internal border control will continue between 12 and 25 July. During this time, both the entry restrictions in place at Finland’s internal and external borders and the requirements of the Communicable Diseases Act will be applied. Internal borders refer to borders between Finland and other countries belonging to the Schengen Area.

The goal is to ensure a smooth transition from the travel restrictions applied in the spring to health security measures at border crossing points and prevent cross-border transmission of COVID-19.

When a person arrives at the border, the border control authorities will first assess whether they have the right to travel to Finland. If the person is entitled to enter the country, the health authorities will then assess which health security measures apply to them under the Communicable Diseases Act.

Everyone has the right to leave Finland, provided that there is no legal impediment to this. Finnish citizens, their family members or permanent residents of Finland always have the right to come to Finland.

From 12 to 25 July, the Border Guard will allow travellers to enter Finland if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • People may enter Finland from the EU and Schengen areas if the incidence rate in the country they are arriving from is below 25, or if they have proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or have recovered from COVID-19 within the past six months.
  • People may enter Finland from other EU and Schengen countries for essential or work-related reasons.
  • People may enter Finland from third countries on the EU’s green list if the incidence of COVID-19 in the country in question is below 25.
  • Entry from third countries other than those on the green list is allowed only for essential reasons.
  • Health security measures are not required for transit travel through Helsinki Airport, but travellers must ensure they meet the travel requirements of their destination country.

Learn more about the current restrictions on entry into the country – Border Guard

Opening hours at border crossing points between Finland and Norway to be lifted on Monday 19 July 

In line with the Government decision of 15 July, the restrictions on the opening hours of border crossing points at the Finnish-Norwegian border will be lifted on 19 July. This means that it is possible to cross the border between Finland and Norway at any time of the day or night.

Additionally, based on an epidemiological assessment, which refers to the spread of COVID-19, internal border control will be reinstated for traffic between Finland and Malta and Finland and Slovenia.

Furthermore, starting from 19 July 2021, entry restrictions will be lifted for citizens of Canada in traffic from Canada to Finland, and restrictions will be reinstated for citizens of Israel in traffic from Israel to Finland.

Health checks and COVID-19 testing at Finland’s borders

After an entry check by the Border Guard, people arriving in Finland from high-risk countries will be directed to undergo a health check. Starting on 12 July, people over 16 years of age arriving in Finland must have proof of one of the following:

  1. full vaccination against COVID-19
  2. a negative COVID-19 test carried out up to 72 hours prior to arrival or a first vaccine dose received at least 2 weeks prior to arrival in the country
    - in this case, a test is also required within 3–5 days of arrival
  3. recovery from COVID-19 within the past six months

Those who arrive in Finland without proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test or recovery from COVID-19 must be tested as soon as they arrive in Finland and a second time within 3–5 days. The tests are free of charge. Please avoid contact with others while waiting for your test results.

People arriving from low-risk countries will not be directed to a health check at the point of entry and do not need to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival. 

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare instructions for travellers
Travelling to Finland and booking a COVID-19 test – FINENTRY

The Government has issued a decree on countries and regions where the incidence of COVID-19 or the prevalence of virus variants does not pose a particular risk of spreading the epidemic. The decree will be amended if the epidemiological situation so requires.

If a person arriving in Finland refuses to be tested for COVID-19, they may be punished with a fine. The requirement to show proof and be tested for COVID-19 does not apply to certain exceptional categories of people defined in the Communicable diseases Act.

People are free to come to Finland from 26 July onwards upon presenting an acceptable certificate of a full vaccine course

In line with the Government decision of Monday 15 July, persons who are able to present a certificate of a completed and approved COVID-19 vaccine course before entry can arrive in Finland from all countries starting on Monday 26 July 2021.

People travelling to Finland must take into account that a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 is an acceptable justification for entry into the country only for citizens of the EU and Schengen countries and for people residing in an EU or Schengen country.

In addition, from 26 July onwards, cruise ship passengers arriving from an EU or Schengen country are allowed to disembark.

Travel abroad and COVID-19 vaccination certificates

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs currently recommends avoiding all travel to Brazil, South Africa, India and Russia.

The Ministry recommends exercising special caution when travelling to the EU and the Schengen area. The Ministry also recommends avoiding unnecessary travel to countries outside the EU and Schengen areas, except for countries for which the restrictions on entry have been lifted.

If you are planning to travel, it is important to remember that all countries may impose restrictions on entry at their own borders, and it may not be possible to travel to all countries. 

If you decide to travel,

  • always check the current entry regulations with the authorities of your destination country before travelling by contacting that country’s diplomatic mission, for instance. Be aware that countries may also impose entry restrictions on transit traffic.
  • check the requirements of airports and airlines, e.g. regarding wearing face masks or showing proof of a negative COVID-19 test.
  • also check the instructions of any other transport operators you will use. 

Changes to travel recommendations  – Ministry for Foreign Affairs

COVID-19 certificates

Finland introduced the EU Digital COVID Certificate on 22 June 2021. The certificate contains information on COVID-19 vaccinations, negative test results and/or recovery from COVID-19. The COVID-19 certificates are available in the My Kanta Pages.

You can use the EU Digital COVID Certificate when crossing borders within the EU. If you are planning to travel, it is important to check the requirements for entry into your country of destination with that country’s authorities. 

Vaccination certificates – Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Restrictions on travel to Finland from different countries

From 19 July

As of 26 July 2021, the restrictions on entry will be lifted in all traffic arriving in Finland from Schengen countries and Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, San Marino and the Vatican because, in line with the EU recommendations, these countries are comparable to Schengen countries.